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L'esguard de la bèstia

Premi Vilassar de Noir 2019

Llibres del Delicte

26 d’octubre de 2020



Pasqual Balasch is a police officer who was abused as a child, something that will affect him when he investigates the murder of Verònica Prats. He'll unconsciously avoid facing his own fears and lose his temper with a trumpet-playing accountant, the victim's father, a Sicilian restaurateur, co-workers and even his own partner. You will find strong women and clumsy men; bad drool, tenderness, humor and a pulse of sex; soul, jazz and flamenco (with soundtrack accessible on Spotify); bars and restaurants; European and Latin American immigrants; corruption and mafia; a killer to discover and some messages to decode; a good collection of languages and dialects... and a Borsalino hat and a Panama.

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