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Computer scientist by profession, I am trying, little by little, to become a writer.

I had been writing short stories for some time as they gave me the satisfaction of getting work done in a relatively short time and, occasionally, the gratification of winning an award (even if I never got published). I invite you to read a few of them in the section "short stories".

I had tried many times to write a novel and was unable to write more than four pages without getting lost along the way. You already know: what if the map, what if the compass, what if the inspiration is lacking, what if the lack of time... The help I needed came to me when I took the courses of School of Writing from the Barcelona Ateneum, where I did the narrative itinerary.

Along the way the  was created the Collective 307, made up of students from the school and Trebor Escargot, and the stories collected in the book were generated "Eleven stories and four monsters". This is a book corrected, modeled, and edited by ourselves and published in Bubok.
Fruitful of completing the narrative itinerary, was born "The gaze of the beast", a black genre novel about mistreatment and the beast that many men carry inside. With it I won the prize Vilassar de Noir 2019 and was published by Llibres del Delicte.  

Then, for issue 50 of Llibres del Delicte, I was invited to participate with a short story and the result was "The case of the pandemic"which can be read at "Denlinqüents".

Then I was invited to write a mystery for a collection of card games and GDM named named "Sherlock: Fabian Essays".

As a next challenge I considered writing science fiction stories and thought that I would be well suited to the fantasy narrative courses of Ricard Ruíz Garzón.Getting to know the work of authors such as Elia Barceló, Anna Starovinetz or Antoni Munné-Jordà has opened up a new world of possibilities for me. In these fantasy narrative courses, a community, called Frikípuls, was born, sick of reading and writing fantasy. This community, born with the will to dominate the world, little by little is bearing fruit such as the Fast Fiction Penny project, stellar participations in the Extraordinary anthology and other works that you will find on the website of Frikípuls.

In 2022 Raig Verd publishes "Sex outside the Norm", a collection of very diverse erotic stories that break with "normative" heterosexuality in which I participate with"under the skin", a fatal attraction with a very fantastic twist.

The collaboration with Frikípuls materializes with"Arcana Sectarium", an anthology about sects, obscure leaderships, cults and cults, published in Spanish byApache Libros, where I participate with"Ursa Major"a posthuman science fiction story. 

And it doesn't stop there. And just one day later, my first story in Italian, part of the anthology, was published"Fantasy story"and published byHistorical Editions.

Looking ahead to 2023 I'm working on a couple more card games,a science fiction novel and I'm delving into other literary mediums like TV scripting and graphic novel scripting. We'll see how I get on. 

If you subscribe to the website, I will keep you informed. 

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