I’m a computer scientist by profession, but I’m quiting it slowly and when I grow up I want to be a writer.

I have been writing short stories for a long time as they give the satisfaction of work done in a relatively short time and, from time to time, the gratification of winning some prizes. I invite you to read a few in the " Short Stories " section.

I have tried many times to write a novel, but I was not able to write beyond four pages without getting lost along the way. You know: you use a map, you use compass, inspiration is missing, lack of time ...

The help I needed came to me when I took the courses at the School of Writing of the Barcelona Athenaeum, where I did the narrative itinerary.

Along the way, the 307 Collective was created, made up of students from the school and Trebor Escargot, and the stories collected in the book " Eleven stories and four monsters " were generated. This is a book edited, modeled, and edited by ourselves and published in Bubok. It is published in Catalan and you may find the first chapter translated to English in the " Short Stories " section.
As a result of completing the narrative itinerary, " L'esguard de la bestia ", my first novel, was born. It is a black story, with Pasqual Balasch as the protagonist. With it I won the Vilassar de Noir Award 2019 and it was published by Llibres del Delicte on October 26, 2020.

As a next challenge, I set out to write science fiction stories and I thought that Ricard Ruíz Garzón's fantastic narrative courses would suit me . Knowing the work of authors such as Elia Barceló, Anna Starovinetz and Antoni Munné-Jordà has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I am currently working on a collection of science fiction stories with the working title of Imperfect Utopias.

In these fantastic narrative courses a community has been formed, called the Frikípuls , hunger of fantastic reading and writing. This community, born with the desire to dominate the world, is gradually bearing fruit such as the Fast Fiction Penny project or stellar participations in the anthology "Extraordinary, New Female Authors of the Unusual".

And the novelty is the publication by Raig Verd of "Sex outside the norm", a collection of very diverse erotic stories that break with the "normative" heterosexuality in which I participate with "Under the skin", a fatal attraction with a very fantastic touch.

And that doesn't stop there. I am currently working on a science fiction novel with the provisional title Imperfect Utopias, and now that I have quit my job as a computer scientist and can become a full-time writer, I am delving into other literary mechanisms such as screenwriting. television and the graphic novel script. We'll see how I do.

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"The true novel, to be true, must have ambition, and the novelist must know that it is better to fail to try too hard than to succeed in insignificance."

Manuel de Pedrolo


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