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Tàndems Fantàstics

20 of the main authors of the fantastic in Catalan are grouped in teams of 2 to write 10 stories in 4 hands. Too many numbers? The result is worth it.


12 de setembre de 2023



Two writers, two characters and a story. We multiply that by 10 and the result is Fantastic Tandems, a collection of stories cooked by four hands with a common theme: the concept of duality. Ten short stories starring duos, clones, space pilots, AI, demons, camels, doubles...

Fantastic Tandems is also a mosaic of subgenres ranging from space opera to magical realism, from the action of pulp adventure narratives to the reflection of the literature of the uncanny and from angsty science fiction past humor

Ricard Ruiz Garzón & Inés Macpherson Roser Cabré-Verdiell & Víctor Garcia Tur Marc Pastor & Isabel del Río Albert Villaró & Jaume Valor Ivan Ledesma & Quim Gómez Mar Bosch & Adrià Pujol Alícia Gili & Edgar Cotes M. Mercè Cuartiella & Joan Manuel Soldevilla Elena Bartomeu & Laura Tomàs Enric Herce & Hector Rivadeneyra Moll.

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