sexe sexo fora de norma.heic

Sex out of the norm

Feminist anthology of erotic stories

Published by: Raig Verd Editorial

March, 2022
Genre: Erotic stories
208 pages

Catalan / Spanish

Feminist Erotic Literature Award. Stories that tell us about a diverse and inclusive sexuality that moves away from the stereotypes marked by pornography and normalized phallocentric sex. 

To do things out of the norm is to do them in an authentic way, fleeing from a purported normalcy that restricts us and wants to force us to fit into an outdated and patriarchal structure. Therefore, in this year's call you will find stories about anal sex, female masturbation, non-binary gender, fantasies, communication of pleasure to the couple, sexual diversity, contact in Covid's time, BDSM , consent, polyamory, distance sex, and intellectual stimulation, among other exciting and stimulating topics.

In this collection you will find stories that explore many facets of our sexuality. Stories with close characters with whom we can easily identify no or not. Because sex is also discovery and exploration.


My story "Under the skin" talks about an unstoppable attraction with a strong fantastic component.