Arcana Sectarium.jpeg

Arcana Sectarium

Accounts of Obscure Leaderships, Cults and Sects

A Frikípuls' anthology

Published by: Apache Libros

Genre: Fantastic

Language: Spanish

Publication date: October 25, 2022


The stories that are part of this anthology, Arcana Sectarium, have as a common thread the idea of initiatory groups, dark leaderships, cults and sects. The authors have not only used horror, you will also find stories of dark fantasy, epic and urban fantasy, soft and hard science fiction, apocalyptic stories, aliens, black genre, great doses of humor and bizarre, prose poetry, unsuspected stings and sharpened metaliterary twists. Thus, this volume is an interesting and varied panorama of stories told by new voices, which portray and exemplify the diversity of themes that make up science fiction, fantasy and horror today: the concept of freedom, consciousness and self-awareness, the equality, power and responsibility, death, the environment, ecology, motherhood, the passage of time, criticism of today's society... We welcome you to Arcana Sectarium.